Posted on February 03 2016

Love letters have a magical quality, expressing an intimacy and emotional bond.  They are a private communication perceived to transform life, transcend time and bridge distances.  They express feelings of joy, passion, jealousy and sadness, hope, longing, despair and contentment.  They are physical and symbolic declarations to be treasured for the ages.

In our fast-paced digital world, we rarely sit down to write proclamations of love, but we encourage you to do so!  It may feel odd at first, but here are a few tips to get you started:

  • CHOOSE CAREFULLY.  Pick a card or stationery that fits you and your relationship.
  • DATE YOUR LETTER.  Your letter is a keepsake, meant to be re-read in years to come.
  • OPEN WITH A SINCERE AND HEARTFELT SALUTATION.  Use pet names or flattery if it sets the right tone.
  • EXPLAIN HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONE.  Be bold.  Imagine how you feel when you are together.  Describe your emotions honestly and confidently.
  • CONVEY WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THE RECIPIENT.  Write why they are special and what it means to be with them.
  • TAKE TIME TO GET IT RIGHT.  Draft your letter several times to ensure that your final version is perfect.  Your final draft should be handwritten.
  • END BY CONSIDERING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.  How has this person changed (and continue to change) your life?
  • CLOSE WITH A MEANINGFUL PHRASE.  Go out with a bang... make your love's heart pound!
  • ADD AN EXTRA TOUCH.  Spritz your note with perfume or seal the envelope with a lipstick kiss.
  • SEND YOUR LETTER WITH A STAMP... Even if you live at the same address!

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