Posted on August 07 2019


Many of us will find ourselves hosting friends or family in some capacity or another. Whether you are hosting a formal meal or a casual cocktail hour, these four simple rules by Susan Spungen will help make your event an all-around success!


  • CODDLE YOUR GUESTS.  Make them feel comfortable and welcome.  Be hyper thoughtful: make a guest’s favorite dessert; provide comfy, inexpensive Chinese slippers to wear indoors on a wintry evening; or use tableware that was a gift from the guests.  Let people know you’re thinking about them.
  • PLAN AHEAD.  A realistic plan is the key to success.  Choose a menu with dishes that can be prepared ahead of time, leaving only the simplest tasks- like heating a dish, cooking pasta or rice, or dressing a salad- for the last minute.  Your goal should be to have as little sweat on your brow (and mess in the kitchen) as possible when the doorbell rings.
  • LESS CAN BE MORE.  A few beautiful, well-conceived, and well-prepared dishes will go over big.  If you have to make a million different things, something- or everything- will suffer.  If you drive yourself to the edge of sanity in preparing the food and cleaning the house, you’ll fell like collapsing by the time your guests arrive.  Keep it simple and you’ll be redy when it’s time to have fun.
  • WHEN THE PARTY STARTS, BE IN IT.  If you are running around frantically with your guests asking, “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?,” who can relax?  You want to enjoy the party with your guests.  They came to see you, and a good hostess is present and engaged.


*From “What’s a Hostess to Do?” by Susan Spungen


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