September 20 2012 – Laura Wright

Hi folks!

This fall has been down-right nutty!!  For the past six weeks, I have been on a whirl-wind wedding tour!!  Each week I galavant to a new destination in our beautiful country to celebrate with some of my dearest friends.  I would like to share a few things from these adventures...

FIRST... This time three weeks ago, I could be found in the fabulous, colorful and culturally rich city of New York for a college roommate's wedding.  The tone for Lena's wedding was set with custom invitations done by yours truly!  Please see the picture inserted below... (and find out more about getting your own custom invitations on our CUSTOM DESIGN page!)  Lena requested a classic wedding invitation with a twist.  This was accomplished by employing the hand-drawn 'swirling' pattern and classic fonts.  As an invitation of the highest formality, they were printed on beautiful metallic cardstock stock.  A bit of edginess was added by embellishing each piece with silver 'studs.'  Additionally, the bride and groom chose to use an information card that doubled as a decorative insert, a coordinating rsvp card, as well as printed envelopes.  The overall effect was quite wonderful (am I allowed to say that?)!

SECOND... Though my primary assignment in New York City was to perform typical bridesmaid's duties, ulterior motives took me to the city days before wedding festivities were to occur... I had heard about a magical place called 'Paper Alley' (sounds a little Harry Potter-ish, eh?!)  Upon arriving in Manhattan, I found myself amongst some of the most amazing paper stores in the world!!  I was thrilled to be exploring; I was even more ecstatic to find that most of the fanciful papers were already part of my growing collection!!!  Not to toot my own horn, but HOORAY!!  LOinLONDON®, though new to the world of stationery is already up to date with the latest in paper trends.  I say it again... HOORAY!!

THIRD... my final agenda while in New York was to find a top hat... Afterall, it is the LOinLONDON® logo!  After googling a number of fine NYC milliners, I started on a quest to find Cha Cha's House of Il Repute.  A morning spent wandering around Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood unveiled that my quest would be fruitless... Cha Cha and her House had moved to the fashion district and her studio was open by appointment only (Cha Cha- I've seen your hats and it's only a matter of time before i pay you a visit!!)  I then rerouted... heading instead to the East Village in search of Barbara Feinman Millinery.  Half-way there, I considered giving up.  I was walking in sweltering heat, with blistering feet and a 100 pound purse (okay, so the purse was just a little lighter...) However, once I crossed the threshold of the quaint boutique, I knew the trip was worth it!!  The small shop was charming.  Hats lined both of the long narrow side walls from floor to ceiling.  Hat blocks were scattered about the ground.  A tiny white antique desk sat at the back of the room.  Posed at it was a wonderful woman who I'd like to be my best friend.  Ms. Feinman had brilliant red hair and was clad in black with chunky plastic glasses.  She was grumbling about chartreuse ribbon before she asked if i needed help.  I replied that i was just looking.  After a few moments of trying on hats (far too big for my peanut head! this must have mortified her!!), she asked again.  This time I responded that I was looking for a hat.  Um, duh.  She kindly directed me toward the left wall.  Grabbing at hats and furiously pulling headpieces from the wall with her hands and hooks, she plopped one hat after another on my head.  Hat after lovely hat!!  With each, there was a consensus... it was good, it was bad, it was too big, too fussy, just perfect... Ms. Feinman would mutter things like, "lovely, very lovely, but not cheap..." and I would gawk over her craftsmanship!!  Eventually (and most unfortunately), I had to start the elimination process... I couldn't take them all!  After much to do, I narrowed it down to three... but the last two, I just couldn't decide!  I had to take both!!  I chose the Asymmetrical Top Hat (shown) and the Anniversary Hat; wearing one right out of the store!   Though I had completely lost sight of the classic black top hat I was seeking, I have vowed to visit Ms. Feinman each time I visit new york.  Perhaps next time i'll find the perfect topper to resemble my logo!

I share this with you because this was the best shopping experience I have ever had.  Really.  TRULY!  May this be an inspiration to me; I hope you'll find each and every LOinLONDON® shopping experience to be just as brilliant.  May your LOinLONDON® visits leave you feeling fabulous... with products that are hand-made, unique and of the finest quality!

  • Does anyone feel a 'hat' inspired stationery set coming on...?!?

And with that... please stay tuned on further upcoming wedding adventures taking place in Chicago, Madison, and St. Louis!