September 28 2012 – Laura Wright

Hi there, friends!

With such a busy fall, I have been perpetually behind on your typical office duties.  However, in the last couple of days, I've had to put aside the make-up work... in one week, I've had two fanciful custom jobs!  It just doesn't get any better than that!  Thought you all might like to see a quick peek...

The blue and pink invitation (shown in the left and center frames), is for a new baby meet and greet.  Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the slogan, 'tutu cute.'  It was suggested to me by the party hostess... I simply helped her realize her tutu theme by dressing each invitation in a tutu of it's very own!  These handmade invitations took hours of cutting and carefully fixing tulle and ribbon... but isn't the outcome festive?!  Each invitation was carefully tucked into a coordinating hot pink metallic envelope... and I'm assuming extra postage was required!  I will also be providing a large invitation (complete with tutu!) and coordinating 'tutu-tini' signature martini canvases for the event.

The baby shower invites (shown in the center and right frames) were created with extra love for a very dear friend expecting her first baby!  These invitations had to be special!  I asked my friend to send me pictures of her baby bedding for inspiration.  The linens were shades of light pink, mustard, coral and slate.  I tried to recreate that color pallet here.  I also sketched her exact crib (yes, I was a little stalker-ish looking for it online...).  However, after the original invitation was made, it just didn't have enough oomph! at this point, i rounded the corners, added the pink polka-dot background and the string of hand-cut paper flags (please note, that I ironed each of the strings to get them to lay perfectly!! Honestly, who irons string?!) ...the final product is as sweet as the new baby we're expecting!

If you are interested in whimsical custom invitations of your own, don't hesitate to visit our SOCIAL DESIGN page or CONTACT US!

Enough fun for now... back to the paper work!  Until next time!!