March 01 2013 – Laura Wright

For many of us, it is hard to imagine not having food.  We go to the grocery store and stock-pile an array of items.  We frequent restaurants.  We order more than we can eat.  We forget how fortunate we truly are.

But for millions of people across the globe, this is not the case.  Luckily for the Quincy area, Horizons Social Services is working hard to combat local hunger.  In 2012, they served over 28,000 hot meals to the homeless, low-income, mentally ill, recently released convicts and people struggling with medical bills or debt!

…And it gets better!  This organization provides more than just hot meals five days a week… a wide variety of services are also provided, including mentoring, work placement programs, discipleship, transportation, and food pantry and clothing access.

Horizons employs three staff members and mobilizes over 350 area volunteers… and there are many ways for you to get involved… including this weekend’s second annual Empty Bowls event!  This is Horizons’ primary fundraising event of the year.  With the purchase of a ticket, a simple meal of soup and bread is served in a bowl made by people throughout the community.  Guests get to keep their painted bowls!  There is also a raffle (with great prizes like an i-Pad!), an opportunity to ‘throw’ your own bowl, Horizons t-shirts, as well as a silent auction of artists' platters painted by area artists.

Some of the artists include: myself (mine is shown before it’s trip to the kiln above!), Todd Wiseman, Talia Newkirk, Jennifer Bock-Nelson, Amber Smith, Becky Butler, Theresa Spear, Christopher Kelley, Victoria Kelley, plus many more!  (FYI: I’ve seen some of these platters in person and they are fabulous!!)

Soooo ladies and gents!  Clear your calendar for this Sunday and stop by to support an amazing cause and have a little fun!!  For more information on Horizons hard work and great results, visit their website at www.horizonssocialservices.com.




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