October 25 2015 – Laura Wright

Hello, friends!

With less than a week until Halloween, it's time to get serious about your costumes.  If you're anything like me, time has slipped away from you, leaving you without time or means for the elaborate attire you had previously been scheming.  But fear not!!  With a little extra day-of prep time, you can have a show-stopping costume, created entirely from things already in your home!

To do so, focus on costumes in which you can transform yourself with easy DIY hair and makeup readily found in your collection.  For many costumes, very little skill is involved, just a little imagination (and if you don't have that, there's always Pinterest!!)

Two examples are shown below:

  • MAD SCIENTISTS: with the help of Amazon Prime, white lab coats and beakers arrived at our doorstep just in the knick of time, while amazing steam-punk googles came from Etsy.  All makeup was previously owned: extra pale powder, and black eyeshadow.  Hair products were a quick snag from Sally Beauty supply: extra, extra hold hairspray and washable color spray.
  • ZOMBIES: Chase and I wore white shirts and gray jeans.  Hair and makeup was the star here: white eyeshadow (or face paint) as the base, red lipstick, black and blue eyeshadows in excess!!  Only prop necessary: fake blood purchased at the local costume shop.


So start brainstorming... think smudgy make up and big, big hair!!  And remember, in this case, MORE IS MORE!!

Happy costuming,



**On the day of, give yourself an extra hour, pour yourself a drink... and get ready to laugh as you throw your costume together!!  When in doubt, add more makeup... ;)


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