August 07 2019 – Laura Wright




“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life.” -Elsie de Wolfe AUGUST



Not only should you surround yourself with beauty, but we challenge you to find beauty in your surroundings. Take moments to enjoy morning sunlight beaming through the window, examine a sky full of fluffy clouds and literally stop to smell the roses!  When we do so, even the most ordinary of days will become extraordinary!

And if nothing else... there is always beauty if flowers!  If you're in need of new blank cards, try our "ARRANGEMENTS" Blank Card, shown in the image above.  It lends itself perfectly to notes of any kind!



On July 2nd of 1944, as she travelled by train from Chicago to San Francisco, author and aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote the following beautiful letter to her husband, Charles Lindbergh — an aviation pioneer who, 17 years previously, in 1927, flew from New York to Paris in the Spirit of St. Louis to much acclaim. They remained married until Charles' death in 1974, by which time they had both had extramarital affairs and Charles had fathered several children by women other than his wife. They had also faced — and somehow dealt with despite intense, previously unrivalled media coverage — the kidnapping and murder of their 20-month-old son, Charles, Jr.


July 2nd

Dear Charles,

I am on my way West.  I hope to meet you.  I feel madly extravagant and altogether quite mad, speeding over the country with not much certainty of when or where I'll meet you.  But I feel happy tonight.  I have sat and watched the cornfields of Iowa darken, seen the homesteads pass by—a white house, a red barn and a brave cluster of green trees in the midst of oceans of flat fields—like an oasis in a desert.  The glossy flanks of horses and the glossy leaves of corn.  And I have been overcome by the beauty and richness of this country I have flown over so many times with you.  And overcome with the beauty and richness of our life together, those early mornings setting out, those evenings gleaming with rivers and lakes below us, still holding the last light.  Those fields of daisies we landed on—and dusty fields and desert stretches.  Memories of many skies and many earths beneath us—many days, many nights of stars.  "How are the waters of the world sweet—if we should die, we have drunk them.  If we should sin—or separate— if we should fail or secede—we have tasted of happiness—we must be written in the book of the blessed.  We have had what life could give, we have eaten of the tree of knowledge, we have known—we have been the mystery of the universe.”

Good night— Anne