May 26 2020 – Laura Wright


HELLO, HELLO!  Hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and finding all sorts of things to be grateful for!


The COVID-19 crisis has taken it's toll on many of us... some of us it has hit us hardest emotionally, while for others, basic survival needs have gone unmet.  Because of this, HORIZONS SOCIAL SERVICES, a local food pantry and wonderful non-profit organization in our community, has been serving more meals than ever before... and they need our help to continue to provide these meals.


WE ARE SO PROUD TO ANNOUNCE, that we have partnered with Horizons to auction off SEVEN of my hand-painted handbags!!  All profits will go to Horizons, as they continue to feed the bodies and souls of our community.  If you've ever wanted one of my ONE-OF-A-KIND bags, now is the perfect time to snag one!!  You'll come out of quarantine looking AND feeling fabulous, knowing that your money went to a great cause!!


BIDDING IS NOW LIVE!  To view and bid on the bags, please visit us HERE.  For more information on the action items and Horizons, as well as superrrr cute promo videos of each bag, please visit us HERE.  Auction ends Friday evening 05/29/2020 at 7:00PM.


We would LOVE your help making this event a raging success, so please share this with any and all!!




-L :)