Posted on October 30 2018


Hello, friends!

October was the month of baby showers!  With two of my very favorite ladies expecting their first children, festivities were in order!  Neither event required much more than a bit of planning.  Here's a quick recap of each, proving that your next party can be both lovely and stress free:



Liz is a lifelong, family friend.  Her mother and mine were (and continue to be) childhood best friends.  We spent every summer together playing made-up games by the pool, golfing and playing Barbies.  I was so honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and even more honored to host a shower for her and baby-on-the-way!



THEME: Liz and her husband are fixing up a family farmhouse and moving to the country soon.  We went with a baby farm animal theme, the obvious choice.

INVITATIONS: These invitations were inspired by babies on the farm and created to feel like a children's book (a gift request from the expecting mother).  The invitations were over-the-top with custom glitter detail and envelopes printed with the farm animal design.  Available by request.

HOSTS: My mom and I

VENUE: My mom's beautiful home

TIME: 2:00 in the afternoon

MENU: Classic and simple home made tea-time finger foods, inspired by Liz's grandmother.  Including...

GAMES: Custom game cards, by yours truly: "GUESS WHO", "BABY A-Z" and "PREDICTIONS AND ADVICE"

FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: Soft colors with a bit of pop, done by yours truly!

MY GIFT: Custom baby swaddle blankets with farm animal illustrations to match the invitations, signed books and baby essentials, all wrapped in custom wrapping paper!







Allie is my most recent close friend... and I am so blessed by our friendship!  She moved to our sweet little town with her husband.  We met through mutual friends, went on a 'friend interview' lunch date and the rest is history.  We've been laughing together ever since!  Our friendship is so special and I can't wait to meet her precious baby!



THEME: Allie is a girl-on-the-go, so a travel theme was only natural!

INVITATIONS: Travel themed with Allie's family spinning around the globe!  These invitations were EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA and are available by request!

HOSTS: Three dear friends and myself

VENUE: One of the hosts lovely home

MENU: Catered for ease!  Our massive spread included mini crab cakes, a favorite queso, a grilled veggie platter, and pastries adorned with frosting to match the invitations!

GAMES: None!

FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: Lovely pastels including soft pinks with texture, also done by yours truly!

MY GIFT: Custom swaddle blankets to match the invitations, the sweetest metallic leather baby shoes and a Barefoot Dreams stuffed rattle, all wrapped in custom wrapping paper!

OTHER: Custom 'GO BABY GO' cocktail napkins to carry the invitation theme through the event!





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