BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL!  IT REQUIRES BRAINSTORMING, PLANNING & COHESIVE EXECUTION.  LOinLONDON®'s professional designs are tailored and targeted to you and your clientele.  With ONE-OF-A-KIND custom design, we can achieve the most fanciful or utilitarian branding and marketing campaigns, while considering the bottom line.  And though we are not limited to paper goods, LOinLONDON® has several PRODUCTION options to enhance your design aesthetic, ensuring your custom project is perfect every time!  Find a selection of our custom work below.  For more of our portfolio, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN boards on PINTEREST.

1. CONTACT.  Because of the wide variety of products and services we provide, the first step in the customization process is to CONTACT US with your ideas.

2. DISCUSS.  We will then schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and asses the scope of the project/s in person, via phone or Skype.

3. PROPOSAL.  From there, our designers will put together a proposal.  This will include a couple different design options, as well as a pricing estimate and project timeline.

4. CONTRACT.  If you are pleased with the proposal, we will proceed accordingly.  We will put together a contract.  Customers are asked to sign the contract and pay a 50% deposit.  If you are NOT pleased with the proposal, we can go back to the drawing board or go separate ways with no hard feelings.

5. REFINE.  Our designers will start refining your designs.  If you have multiple pieces, such as a logo, business cards and letterhead, they will begin to design the additional pieces, add final touches, perfect the font, etc.

6. PROOF.  You will be emailed a PDF proof.  It is your responsibility to carefully review the layout and all information in your design.  If changes need to be made, let us know as soon as possible.  We will make the necessary changes and email you another PDF proof.  Any errors found after approval is the responsibility of the client.  If reprint is necessary, it will be done at the client's expense.

7. APPROVAL.  Once you approve your PDF proof via email or written consent, your remaining balance will need to be paid in full.

8. PRODUCTION.  Your ONE-OF-A-KIND custom professional good/s are on their way to being a reality!

9. DELIVERY.  Finalized good/s are finished and ready for pick-up or shipping.

The design process can take varying lengths of time depending on current pending projects, material availability, customer response time, scope of project and more.  LOinLONDON® also reserves the right to change the design process listed above to accommodate specific projects.  To get the ball rolling or for more information, please CONTACT US.

Since each design job is unique, exact pricing cannot be determined until LOinLONDON® reviews the project as a whole.  Some factors that affect cost are design, quantity, printing method and materials used.  While ONE-OF-A-KIND custom design is more costly than our standard products, we will gladly consider your budget and direct you towards products and services that fit within your parameters.

Branding is of utmost importance for your business, and at LOinLONDON®, we understand that.  We will work with you to define your brand and create meaningful business materials from that.  Repetition is key with branding, so if we're doing a logo, let's go the whole nine yards with letterhead and business cards as well!  If you already have a logo, but need additional materials, we are happy to help with that too!  See a variety of our logos and letterhead below: IMAGES COMING SOON!

Whether we've worked with you on your logo and branding or you are coming to us with existing, we are here to help you create the perfect card that you can hand out in confidence.  Take a look at some of our custom business card designs below:  MORE IMAGES COMING SOON!

Whether you are looking for a complete brand rejuvenation or a simple sale flyer, we are happy to help.  We will work with you to create the perfect materials for your business goals.  See a variety of marketing materials below:  IMAGES COMING SOON!

Hosting a meeting?  A company retreat?  Corporate luncheon?  Let us help you perfect every detail with day of event materials.  See a variety of designs below:  IMAGES COMING SOON!


Everything else for your professional design needs!  See a variety of miscellaneous professional designs below:  IMAGES COMING SOON!

More casual than letterhead, professional stationery is perfect for jotting a simple note of thank or for all business purposes... just think how far a hand-written note goes!  Let's work with your existing branding or create something totally original!  See a few of our professional stationery designs below:  MORE IMAGES COMING SOON!

Professional invitations are perfect for everything from your next corporate holiday party to your elementary school Teachers Appreciation Week and everything in between!  See a variety of our professional invitations below:

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