LOinLONDON® utilizes a wide variety of paper and printing methods deliver our customers wonderfully unique paper goods.  The majority of our standard products are flat printed on heavy metallic linen cardstock and paired with metallic envelopes.  However, our goods are not limited to this method or these supplies.  Custom projects of any scope can be achieved with the following:

  • We source our papers from within the United States.
  • Most papers are recycled and/or FSC certified.
  • We have access to all colors and weights of paper, as well as many finishes ranging from textured to metallic.
  • We are not limited to printing on paper... we can use many other materials, including wood, fabrics, metals and more!
  • Please see a selection of regularly stocked papers below.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.
  • Note that paper colors vary from screen to screen.  The feel of the paper can also make a large influence in your selection.
  • Should you like to explore paper options further, samples are available upon request.








Listed below are several traditional sizes and styles of stationery for both personal and business use.  While these are still relevant sizes, the world of design is ever-evolving... and we encourage you to think outside the box for your next custom goods!  

  •  We source our envelopes from within the United States.
  • All standard greeting cards, stationery and personalized merchandise will be paired with metallic envelopes.
  • For custom work, we have access to all colors, sizes and finishes of envelopes.
  • Most envelope papers are recycled and/or FSC certified.


    Please note, all envelope sizes in bold are regularly stocked in many colors.  Additionally, we keep a wide and ever-changing selection of envelope styles and sizes in stock to meet your custom needs.  Not enough choices listed above?!  Please CONTACT US, as we can provide you with additional envelope options!




    • Liners are a great way to add an extra layer of detail to your custom goods.
    • Available in several standard colors, finishes, patterns or can be created just for you.
    • Envelopes paired with standard merchandise do not have liners.

    PICK THE PERFECT FONT FOR YOUR NEXT CUSTOM PROJECT!  Below are some of our favorites.  If you don't see one that fits the mood of your design, we have thousands more to choose from!!  Simply CONTACT US for more information.

      • Specialty cuts, including rounded or fancy edges, shapes and die cuts are available for custom projects.
      • All standard greeting cards will be carefully cut and scored in the center for a clean fold.
      • All standard invitations will be rectangular with square corners.


      • All custom work can be embellished with glitter, rhinestones, feathers, studs and more!
      • Extras may include decorative inserts, belly bands or enclosures for your party invitations or hand-cut decor for your stationery.
      • Enclosures are a practical way to add information or details to your paper goods. 
      • We welcome any and all ideas for embellishments, enclosures or extras... the sky is the limit!


        • We provide many options for binding and gluing, including spiral binding, edge gluing and stapling.
        • Other methods of affixing include ribbon, tape, brads, sewing and more!


        WE HAVE SEVERAL RESOURCES AND OPTIONS FOR CREATING YOUR IDEAL GOODS.  If we have not mentioned what you are looking for, please CONTACT US to discuss and explore your ideas further.